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February 12, 2023 by livingspice0

It is now a common knowledge that a toilet bowl is one of the areas where snakes can take cover during hot weather.

Like other animals, snakes also seek refuge from the hot sun due to a change in weather. Toilet bowls happen to be one of the most appropriate places for them due to its constantly moist nature,  few people have lost their lives as a result of unexpected bites from these poisonous reptiles hiding in the water closet. Unknown to many however, you can easily keep snakes away from your toilets by doing this simple thing.


Lemon grass 175gm

Garlic 50 cloves

Tobacco leaves 17  or Onions  7 bulbs

Neem leaves 100 gm

Sea salt 100gm


– Cut all into pieces

– Mix them together

– Pound them together to enable them mix properly.

– Spread to dry partially over night (don’t dry under sun)

– Soak in hot water (500ml) and leave it to infuse for 3 days.

– After 3 days, sieve and bottle.


15 ml (one table spoon) inside the toilet bowl after flushing the toilet.

NOTE: This snakes repellant is also available readymade in our store. You may choose to order it if you want it readymade.


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