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Heart attack is a serious medical emergency that occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is suddenly blocked. If blood flow isn’t restored quickly, the heart muscle can be damaged.

Heart attacks are the leading cause of death in men and women in most countries. But many heart attacks can be prevented.

You can reduce your risk of heart attack by making healthy choices:

-Eat a healthy diet such as naturally occurring foods.

-Get regular exercise such as brisk walking

-Manage your blood pressure and cholesterol levels

-Quit smoking

-Avoid excessive drinking

-See your doctor for regular checkups

If you have any of the risk factors for heart attack, be sure to talk to your doctor about ways to reduce your risk.

If you experience any of the warning signs of a heart attack such as chest pain or shortness of breath, seek medical help without delay.

To prevent a heart attack, one muast take to cognizance the importance of exercises which helps promote blood circulation and in addition one must regularly take herbs that are universally known to improve heart functions such as Garlic and Hawthorn


Today’s tips

Early morning exercise is beneficial, but when the strength of your heart is in doubt, replace jogging with trekking_

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