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Bioscan machine



Product Description

Bioscan Machine

The Bioscan machine is a medical diagnostic device certified by the Russian health authority. It operates on the principle of Bioresonance mechanism. The Bioscan machine comes in different grades to cater for various levels of diagnostic needs:

  • Cosmetics grade
  • Preclinical grade
  • Clinical grade 1
  • Clinical grade 2

How does the Bioscan machine work?

A patient wears a headset and holds electrodes, which connects them to the device. The diagnostician selects the organs to be checked, and the device scans them automatically, taking approximately 15-20 minutes depending on the number of organs selected. The diagnostician then analyzes the scan and prints the result.

Treatment Mechanism

The Bioscan machine can effectively eradicates various types of diseases, including viral, fungal, and bacterial infections. By scanning and analyzing the body’s energy fields, the machine identifies pathogens and disrupts their function.

The Bioscan machine can reveal:

  • Which organs are not functioning well among the scanned organs
  • The list of diseases the person is susceptible to because of the non-functioning organs
  • The hidden reasons why the organs are not functioning well, such as parasites, toxins, or food incompatibility with blood type
  • The effects of drugs in the body

Additional Information


Cosmetics grade, Preclinical grade, Clinical grade 1 (Chakra Version), Clinical grade 2

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